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    The seasons have arrived for us now to save the Babies, Butterflies & Bees. Support the Flowerpot Project!

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Our Mission Statement

The Musketeer Association’s mission is to promote healing, care, love and encourage the softening of the hearts, and to connect as humane people. Our objective is to unify, honor and ignite a beacon of hope and goodwill across our neighborhoods, our communities, our cities, our nation, and our world. TMA is to comfort and stand forth as a constant reminder that we must bring light, beauty and truth to the world we live in; thus, always working to end the recycle of trauma, the recycle of crime, and end violence of all types; which in turn establishes safety and justice for all and assuring that mankind’s future, the youth are full of hope, goodwill, and benevolent.

Current Projects

The Musketeer Association is always busy identifying new opportunities and partners to complete our mission.